You too can have a
web-based news aggregator
The news page on this site is (or at least should be) automagically updated hourly from a home PC (the one that runs windoze, mind you) via ftp.
The script that generates the news page(s) is called rawdog (by Adam Sampson), while the script that runs and uploads the output file(s) via ftp is called dogwalker (by Nimrod).

The straight dope:

You too can download dogwalker, open a site somewhere, and get such a page (tailor-made to your taste in news sources) up and running in minutes.
It's all open source, runs on windows, no need for a paid site (that's why this site's on tripod). No cgi/ssi/php/zope/asp/java/lisp needed on the server. No excuses ;)

Guy & Nimrod.

dogwalker includes a mutation of Rawdog 1.9 that supports rtl for Hebrew/Arabic, wap, windows etc. Since we're lazy - we haven't uploaded a propper patch to rawdog (yet?). Anyway it works and we're happy ;)
See also:
  • Rawfish7's blog
  • Nimrod's rawdog page
  • Mark Pilgrim's feed parser (tough enough for broken Hebrew feeds ;)